I’m convinced that there is really nothing that compares to the Christian experience. The world promises so many things that will supposedly make us happy but they just can’t deliver on those promises. NOTHING this world possesses can rival a life that has been touched by a living Savior. Nothing even comes close to the life-transforming results from knowing Jesus Christ personally.


Yet there are those who would question my premise. Practically speaking, they haven’t been impacted in such a dramatic way. For those who claim to have trusted in Christ as their Savior, not much has changed. They’ve placed their faith in His work on the cross to save them. They know that they are forgiven. They know that they are secure, and because of their faith in the work of Christ, they are going to heaven one day…but right now not much has changed. Why is that? There’s obviously some missing component that causes this disconnect to occur. Somewhere in the mix we have left out the essential pieces that make for a dynamic Christian experience. Many Christians have concluded that this must be about as good as it gets. They resign themselves to a life of drudgery, thinking that they must wait till they enter those pearly gates someday to really start living. They just can’t seem to enjoy this new Christian journey as it was intended. So they meander through life, listless and defeated. Is this the inevitable fate of a believer?


Could it be that somewhere along the way we forgot that Christianity is about Christ and that our faith is about being in a relationship with Him. So we do all the right things such as going to church, and being "good", and giving our offerings but we fail to develop our walk with God. Could it be that people want all of the by-products of salvation without investing in the Savior? Christianity is about a person who desperately wants US to get to know Him. Jesus wants US to enjoy Him. But it’s so easy to lose focus…doing things for God but not doing life with God. There’s no way we can experience this exciting life of abundance without putting in the time to intentionally cultivate this relationship with a living God. Christianity is about a relationship and like all relationships it needs to be nurtured. But ask yourself, when was the last time that you visited with just you

and your heavenly Father in both prayer and Bible reading? I’ve found that when I’m in the Word and enjoying daily times of intimate prayer that my faith comes alive. There is no substitute for diving into the Scriptures and allowing God to speak to us. Why do you think people call Bible study and prayer "devotional time"? It’s because we need to devote ourselves to our relationship with God. But if we will make the time, He will revolutionize our thinking and behavior. Without this investment our fellowship will undoubtedly remain shallow. We will never know joy till we walk with God. We will never know real peace until we abide with the prince of Peace. We will never be filled until we taste and see that the Lord is good and that He truly is the bread of life. We need to allow the "Captain of our faith" to calm the storms inside and direct us into a life of purpose. He will bring us contentment and meaning and a sense of belonging that only He can do!


So… do you want something more? Then make some time to get alone with God. There really are NO shortcuts.


John 15:4- Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me

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