August 23, 2015

Do you ever wonder why someone would take their own life? Does it surprise you that some people would go to such extreme lengths to commit suicide? If you think about it, anyone who would resort to ending their own life must be in, what they perceive to be a hopeless situation. The world is just filled with hurting, desperate people…feeling trapped and alone. And the path that brought them to this place of helplessness must be almost unbearable to revisit. All they can think of is..."How did I make such a big mess of my life!?!?" The pain in their past only reinforces the futility of their future and they see no other solution.


Once a person gets to this point, they better not expect to get much sympathy. You may have hit rock bottom but the world doesn’t make it any easier to climb out. Society puts a stigma on these folks. They label them as "failures" and are only too quick to write them off as lost causes. Just think of how overwhelming it must be to go through life after you crash...


I’m convinced that there is really nothing that compares to the Christian experience. The world promises so many things that will supposedly make us happy but they just can’t deliver on those promises. NOTHING this world possesses can rival a life that has been touched by a living Savior. Nothing even comes close to the life-transforming results from knowing Jesus Christ personally.


Yet there are those who would question my premise. Practically speaking, they haven’t been impacted in such a dramatic way. For those who claim to have trusted in Christ as their Savior, not much has changed. They’ve placed their faith in His work on the cross to save them. They know that they are forgiven. They know that they are secure, and because of their faith in the work of Christ, they are going to heaven one day…but right now not much has changed. Why is that? There’s obviously some missing component that causes this disconnect to occur. Somewhere in the mix we have left out the essential pieces th...

March 1, 2015

Can you see it?? Whisking past the great western landscape of sagebrush and cactus plants is a locomotive that’s out of control. There’s no engineer in the engine compartment, yet still the speed is picking up. The outcome is dreadful, too horrible to contemplate. For you see, this set of tracks does not go on endlessly. It’s just a matter of time before this trip comes to a crashing finish. Yet with each passing second the train inches closer to its tragic destination.  Time is of an essence, yet no one seems overly concerned. Faster still…the train accelerates…the passenger cabins begin to shake, yet the people inside seem unfazed, too occupied by laughter and merriment within to even notice. But regardless, the tracks will end... and at that point, disaster will strike each and every person on that train. Everyone is in jeopardy. No one can escape. Do you sense the gravity of the situation? Does their impending doom create some sense urgency? Are you frustrated by the fact that thos...

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Chuck Mironas

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August 23, 2015

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